UII - Unattended Installation ISOs

Virtomize Unattended Installation ISOs is the first Image As A Service provider on the market. Create your own operating system Image customized to fit your needs that installs itself.

Automated installation with your favorite operating system, with custom network setup and a lot of options to customize your installation. By using our Image-Templating-Engine we create a minimal Image file that contains all configurations and customizations. It loads all necessary resources at runtime and installs your system fully unattended.

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Complex Things Made Simple

UII supports even complex setups:

  • A big variaty of operating systems (if yours is missing, let us know!)

  • Dynamic and static network configuration

  • Multiple network with equal or different configuration

    • When having multiple networks the network interface is identified using its MAC address
    • You can even choose to configure networks that don’t have internet access
  • Customize the installed packages

  • Set keyboard layout and Timezone

  • Set the initial password

  • Activate SSH with or without password authentication

  • Deploy public SSH Keys within the installation

REST-API - Automate Your Installations

The Virtomize UII offers a well documented REST-API. Create your Images using our API and integrate them on your systems using your tools.

  • Just Register and login
  • Create your Access-Token
  • Use your token to create your Images

Terraform support

To make things even more easy we created a terraform provider. This allows you to simply create and install systems using terraforms Infrastructure as a Code approach.

Our terraform provider needs a working Virtomize UII account to requests installation images to create and install your system.

More infos you can find in our terraform docs.

Requirements and Restrictions


To be able to do an automated, unattended installation your system needs at least one network with internet access to be able to download the necessary resources.


To provide you with the newest updates, fixes and changes, our Images are only usable 24h after creation. When an Image is expired it will not work anymore. The best practice is to create your Image before you use it.

We store your history so you can easily create an image again.

We recommend to use our REST-API if you intend to do regular installations on your systems.