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Virtualization made easy

Simple Virtual Machine Deployment

Virtomize is a self-service automation solution. Our software is running inside your virtualization and automates the creation and management process of your virtual machines. It doesn't matter if it's a development, production-ready or customer system. Our software fits all your needs.

Create virtual machines with a few clicks. The operating systems of your choice get installed and customized completely automated. We support the VMWare hypervisor and all common operating systems.

Supported Hypervisors

VMware ESXI/VCenter (Proxmox, Citrix, Xen)


Give your users the option to create there needed infrastructure by themselfs. Our rights management allows to create groups and users with specific restrictions for clusters, networks and compute resources. You have the control and your users the solution.


We detect your infrastruction and create the optimal configuration for your virtual machines. Every installation is customized for its usecase and helps creating fast and effortless solutions.


Regularly used configurations can be used to create templates. These allow for fast reuse and can even be created from existing virtual machines. You already have virtual machines you want to manage with Virtomize? No problem just import them and make your live easier.


Create virtual machines automatically by using our well documented API to integrate into your processes. Reduce effort and cost by having a fast and reliable automation.

Supported Operating Systems

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Supported: VMware ESXI/VCenter
Upcoming: Proxmox, Citrix, Xen


Automated creation, installation and configuration of virtual machines


Simplify usability and integration in your systems using our REST-API

Next Gen Automation

We simplify the creation and management of virtual machines. Your system is created and configured with one click according to your specifications.

We take care of installing and configuring the operating systems. The needed installation media are created at runtime, allowing on point customization of your virtual machines.

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Just a few clicks to create and mangage your perfect customized system.

We take care of the komplex things and you can concentrate on the solution.

Using our rights and permissions management you can give your users the option to create the systems by themselfs. This saves time and reduces unessesary communication.

Your IT always has full control over your infrastructure and gives your users more flexibility.

Clever Rights Management

Create users and groups for every usecase. Using our detailed rights management you can customize our software perfectly to the needs of your users. Decide who can create virtual machines, uses templates or can even administrate your clusters.

You can define the number of compute resources and virtual machines for every group. Your IT has full control.

Security is very important, not every user should be able to use every cluster or every network to create its virtual machines.

You can choose which group can use which clusters and networks. For every use case you can create the perfect fitting group for your users with minimal rights and maximum efficiency.

Our dynamic design concept only presents the information the user needs.

Fast, Save, and Simple!

Intuitive UI

Our User Interface is designed to be simple and efficient. The intuitive design guides the user through all important functions.

Using responsive design in combination with material UI allows our software to work great on mobile platforms.

Multi cluster administration

You can manage multiple clusters with a single instance of our software.

In the upcoming releases we will integrate more and more hypervisors to support even the diverse environments.

Process Integration using our REST-API

We created a REST-API interface for you, allowing you to integrate the virtual machine creation process into your individual workflows.



  • Provide IT resources dynamically, fast and effectively when ever they are needed
  • integrate into task management systems
  • integrate virtual machine creation into your test processes and create temporary virtual machines
  • automate provisioning of customer, development or production ready systems

This safes your resources and allows your infrastructure to be even more efficient.

Automated Installation

We support the following operating systems:

  • Debian 8/9/10
  • Centos 7/8
  • Ubuntu 16.04/18.04/20.04
  • Suse Tumbleweed
  • Scientific Linux 7

All neede install media are created individualy for every virtual machine.

This allows for a high grade of customization. In the future we will create more features upon this customization to allow even more.

Steady improvements

For us efficiency is most important. That’s why we steadily improve ouur product

Take a look at our blog to get the latest news.